Multi-Sector Technology

ProxAssure is designed for a variety of sectors, and utilizes a combination of sound, vibration and LEDs to alert you and those around you of unsafe risks from colleagues.

  • Industrial
  • Public Spaces
  • Commercial
  • Institutional

What it Does

Save Lives, Keep Your Distance

The world is constantly changing, but one thing should always remain the same: it is the employer's responsibility to keep their employees safe. In a time of social distancing, the workforce - especially essential workers - need to be protected and feel safe.

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The Product

Social Distancing is the new normal. Practicing a 2-meter / 6-feet safe safe distance from your colleagues is counter intuitive to our normal social nature and teamwork requirements in the workplace. ProxAssure attempts to facilitate this situation allowing staff to focus on the job at hand while still staying fully informed of their safe zone distance.

  • No Additional Software or Hardware Requirements

  • True 'Peer-To-Peer' System That Works In All Environments

  • Available Contact Tracing Tools

  • User Adjustable Alarm Modes & Distances

  • 100% Reliable with No False Positives or Negatives

The Software

Managing employee safety as never been this complicated. Though employers and public health authorities have implemented Social Distancing and Mask mandates to protect the population, illness can still occur. ProxAssure supports your response by providing a full suite of tools to help keep your workforce safe:

  • Easy to understand and use Cloud-Based Software

  • NIST Compliant AES 256-Bit Encryption Ensures Data Security and meets OSHA & HIPAA Standards

  • ProxAssure Wearable Technology Records the Date, Time, Duration and Identity of Interacting Units to Support Contact Tracing

  • Takes the Guesswork out of Contact Tracing by Providing an Easy to Interpret ‘ProxScore’ for Each User

  • Allows User to Adjust Alarm Modes & Distances

  • 100% Reliable with No False Positives or Negatives

Exclusive Technology

Unlike other proximity monitoring or contact tracing systems that use high frequency WiFi or Bluetooth signals,
ProxAssure uses proven RuBee magnetic technology to ensure unsurpassed reliability and consistency, without any of the inaccuracies inherent to other methods.

This patented technology leverages 3 alert delivery methods to notify the wearer and those around them using audio, vibration and LEDs. This ensures that alerts can be delivered in rugged and noisy work environments as well as play an essential role in corporate spaces.

The alert sequence is completely customizable for varying work environments, allowing you to optimize the device's use for your unique work setting.

We are excited to announce our premiere partnership with Whole Health Co as the flagship North American sales partner of the ProxAssure device.

Key Features To Help Keep You Safe

  • 360° Distancing alerts
    Varying alerts help you stay safe
  • Out-of-the-box solution
    No infrastructure investment required
  • It's lightweight, and compact
    Approximately the size of a credit card and 1 inch wide.
  • Rechargeable workday battery
    10-12 hour normal use battery life
  • No privacy concerns
    No connection to personal devices
  • Rugged and durable
    Made for all work environments

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ProxAssure™ was created by leaders in technology, manufacturing and business who came together to protect and
inform their employees on the need for accuracy with physical distancing in the workplace, in partnership with The
National Research Council. The goal is to supply employers with a wearable device to keep employees six feet away
from each other while keeping focused on their work. Its patented technology calculates the distance between
employees 10 times per second, providing a safe and reliable “nudge” for physical distancing.

Social Distancer Technologies Inc. is a joint venture founded by manufacturing executives Jarred Knecht, John Soares,
Steve Zimmerman, and John Stevens who collectively possess over 100 years of experience in mechanical and
electronics technologies in their respective companies. With almost 1,000 employees between their companies to
protect, ProxAssure™ offers a credible physical distancing solution for employees from all industries, including
aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial production.

Contact Us


1241 Rue Cascades,
Québec, Canada
J6J 4Z2

Steve Zimmermann serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Social Distancer Technologies Inc.

Steve also holds the position of President and CEO of CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions, a manufacturer of complete mechanical solutions, located in Chateauguay, Québec, Canada since 1969, and is President and CEO of VKS - Visual Knowledge Share, a leading digital work instruction software company.

Jarred Knecht, CPA CA MBA serves as Chief Operating Officer of Social Distancer Technologies Inc.

Jarred is as well President of Promark Electronics Inc., an electronics subcontract manufacturer based in Montreal, Québec Canada since 1987.
Jarred Knecht on LinkedIn

John Soares serves as Vice President of Social Distancer Technologies Inc.

John is as well Executive Vice President of CMP Advanced Mechanical Solutions, a manufacturer of complete mechanical solutions, located in Chateauguay, Québec, Canada since 1969.
John Soares on LinkedIn

John Stevens is the CEO of Visible Assets Inc., Social Distancer Technologies’ partner in developing ProxAssure

Visible Assets Inc. developed RuBee technology to address the chronic lack of performance inherent to other wireless
technologies in the IoT & asset management industries. VAI is a trusted solutions provider for defense and industrial
clients across the world.